A.R.M. (Accepting Responsibility is Mandatory)

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A.R.M. Program
Street Address 5600 W Maple Rd # 203
City West Bloomfield Township
State/Province MI
Zipcode 48322
Phone (248) 851-5556
Email info@uscourtprograms.com
Website https://www.uscourtprograms.com/
Hours of Practice Mon - Fri 9AM -5PM
Cities of Practice Entire State of Michigan and Illinois
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A.R.M. stands for Accepting Responsibility is Mandatory 

We stand by that in what we do everyday. We offer a range of programs that will give you the knowledge that will help you throughout your life. What we offer you will undoubtedly make you a better person NOW and for the FUTURE! If you would like to learn  more about the programs we offer, please call our office at 248-851-5556, or please send us an email and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

A.R.M. is an affiliate of ACCI (American Community Correction Institute). ACCI is an evidence based, best practice organization that researches and produces cognitive life-skills curriculum for criminal offenders. Their goal is to assist the criminal justice system by developing effective cognitive restructuring curriculum that can sharply reduce recidivism by successfully meeting the criminogenic needs of offenders.


The ARM Sobriety/Drug/Veterans Court Weekend first began in 2012 and has been a mainstay in our array of programs ever since.  The ARM Sobriety/DrugVeterans Court Weekend has been specifically designed for those individuals who are actively participating in a court-mandated Sobriety Court, Drug Court, or Veterans Court program. Therefore, the program will be exclusive to participants who have already committed to a course of intensive probation/supervision and a long period of abstinence. As with other ARM programs, we seek to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment in order to facilitate participants to openly look at themselves and the nature of their substance use. This program includes educational/didactic lecture, experiential physical initiatives, an AA open-talk followed by an AA meeting and problem solving/goal setting discussions. It is expected that participants will leave this program with a better understanding of themselves, their unique expression of addiction, its origin and how to live a substance free/recovery-based lifestyle. 

 Business: (800) 909-1050 – Fax: (248) 865-8386 – www.uscourtprograms.com 



ARM Drug Testing Locations

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Genesee County                                                                                          Macomb County

            114 W. Court Street                                                                                   35992 Gratiot Ave

Flint, MI 48502                                                                                       Clinton Township, MI  48035

             Random Call in – 810-288-9091                                                         Random Call in – 586-216- 5088

Office phone:  810-288-9727                                                                 Office phone:  586-321-7098

Fax: 810-234-7106                                                                                Fax:  586-329-1491


            Isabella County                                                                                    Muskegon County

210 Court Street, Ste. G Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858                                 1 Apple Avenue, Suite A Muskegon, Ml 49442

            Random Call in – 989-317-4491                                                          Random Call in – 231-855-4800

Office phone:  989-317-4990                                                                 Office phone:  231-855-2000

Fax:  989-317-4490                                                                                Fax:  231-722-0600


            Livingston County                                                                               Wayne County

736 S. Michigan Ave.                                                                              18600 Van Horn Rd. Suite 2

Howell, MI  48843                                                                                  Woodhaven, MI 48183

            Random Call in – 517-798-7766                                                         Random Call in – 734-672-6629

Office phone:  517-618-7828                                                                 Office phone:734-788-3221

Fax:  517-552-1237                                                                                Fax: 734-672-6680




A.R.M Programs



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Accepting Responsibility is Mandatory- (A.R.M.) $300    

Fri.-Sun. (3 Days/2 nights)– Award winning weekend intervention program which includes but not limited to didactic lectures that define the cycle of addiction and individual risk factors, educational sessions on denial and defense mechanisms, VIP, outdoor initiatives that focus on decision making and life choices, trust, support, and communication. (Multiple locations that serve Lower Michigan)

Treatment Court/Drug Court/Veterans Court A.R.M.  $300–For Treatment Courts such as Drug Court, Sobriety Court, Veterans Court

Marijuana Awareness Program– (M.A.P.) $300

Fri.-Sun. (3 Days/2 nights)– Award winning weekend intervention program which includes but not limited to educational classes that include the possible physical/psychological consequences of marijuana as well as alcohol and other drugs, use, abuse, dependency, VIP, outdoor initiatives that reinforce the importance of trust, support, communication while also exploring goals/values/life choices to reinforce abstinence.

M.I.P. – Minors in Possession-$300

Types of offenses: Any alcohol related offense for 17-21 years


Download this form for these classes!

Alcohol Highway Safety Program / Alcohol Awareness Program- (A.A.P.) $100

1-Day program designed for individuals who don’t merit an intensive weekend program and would not need treatment. This is an educational class that provides insight into the basic alcohol awareness, effects of alcohol on the body, risk factors, and other related material.

Anger Management Program– (A.M.P.) $100

1-Day program that teaches techniques participants can use to solve problems without becoming destructive.  This class is not appropriate for domestic violence offences.

Delayed Sentence/Deferred Judgment –  $80 

1-Day Program for those who qualify for the Holmes Youthful Training Act (HYTA) and such Delayed Sentence/Deferred Judgment. Examining their thought processes as well as choices and consequences and how this may impact their future lives in areas of employment, scholarships, etc.

Drugs of Abuse– (D.O.A.) $100

1-Day program designed to increase participant’s awareness of their destructive patterns of drug use.  Lectures highlight the harmful physical and mental effects of drug use and encourage self-evaluation.

Theft Awareness Program– (T.A.P.) 

1-day($100) or 2-day($200) – Economic Crime Program developed by a pair of therapists, one of whom is nationally renowned in that subject. This program is to assist the offender in exploring the following areas through the 4 A’s (awareness, acceptance, accountability, adaptability) to reduce recidivism.

DWLS Program – 4 Hours $80

1-Day Program that walks the person through the process of getting their license reinstated and get out of the vicious downward spiral they are caught in.

Traffic Safety Program- (TSP) – 4 Hours $80

1-Day program that provides participants with tools to aid them in modifying risk behaviors and teach defensive driving techniques.

Online Programs– Anger Management, Cognitive Awareness, Domestic Violence, Driver Responsibility, Employment, Marijuana Awareness, Minor in Possession, Offender Corrections, Offender Responsibility, Substance Abuse, Theft/Shoplifting

Note – Contact our office to register for your online password and user ID to utilize the online services

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Note: Contact ARM for a list of Testing Locations or if you you’d like us to open a location in your area.

Drug and Alcohol TestingD’n’A Drug & Alcohol Testing Centers

Locations: Genesee, Isabella, Livingston, Macomb, Muskegon, Wayne and St. Charles, Illinois

We can provide a Drug and Alcohol Testing Center in a location to serve you!!


ARM  eLearning Programs

Click here to download a list of our online classes. Some of the best in the state!

(248) 851-5556 or info@uscourtprograms.com


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