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Street Address 1650 Camino Del Valle SW
City Albuquerque
State/Province New Mexico
Zipcode 87105-3213
Phone 505-877-8787
Fax 505-212-0091
Hours of Practice Monday -Friday 8:00 am -5:00 PM
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Traffic Citation in New Mexico?

If you have been ticketed in New Mexico, or if you have a New Mexico Warrant or License Suspension, call 505.877.8787 today. We are ready to give you a free, confidential consultation to discuss your rights and options.

A Good Lawyer can Help, a Great Lawyer can Win

When you have been ticketed in New Mexico, it can be a frustrating and confusing process. Glenn Smith Valdez is an experienced trial litigator and an expert traffic ticket lawyer who represents clients throughout New Mexico. He and his team represent all types of clients that include New Mexico drivers, tourists just passing through, and even commercial truck drivers. Glenn and his team are ready to answer all your traffic related questions, or to get you headed in the right direction to resolve your New Mexico traffic issues.

Centrally located in Albuquerque, Glenn provides legal services statewide, including surrounding areas such as Valencia County, Cibola County, Torrance County, Sandoval County, and Socorro County. Anyone facing charges, from a simple traffic violation to more serious offenses within the State of New Mexico, should contact the Law Offices of Glenn Smith Valdez at 505.877.8787 for a free confidential consultation. Often, the stress of facing a traffic ticket is made worse by not knowing the process, not being aware of your options, being located out of State, and being unable to make it to your scheduled court date. Glenn and his team are experienced in traffic law and more than happy to provide you with answers to your New Mexico traffic law questions, and if needed, represent you in your New Mexico traffic case.

Speeding Ticket in New Mexico?

Receiving a speeding ticket or any type of traffic citation can be an intimidating experience, even if it just involves fines, points, or misdemeanor charges. It is especially stressful for people who do not know or understand the consequences involved with certain offenses. Glenn Smith Valdez is a great traffic ticket lawyer in New Mexico with the knowledge and expertise to calm a driver’s fears and anxieties. Glenn knows and understands that giving his clients prompt answers to their questions and accurate information about what to expect is often the best way to relieve the stress associated with citations, traffic court, and driving records. His firm offers help and assistance with dismissing, deferring, and fighting speeding tickets and other citations in the state of New Mexico. Former clients praise the service they have received from this New Mexico traffic ticket attorney.

It’s not Just Speeding Tickets

All types of moving violations such as speeding, driving with no insurance, reckless or careless driving are all subject to citations from law enforcement officers. Whether a driver is accused of a moving or non-moving traffic violation, it advisable to contact an experienced New Mexico traffic ticket lawyer as soon as possible. Glenn Smith Valdez offers expert advice regarding any traffic violation. He is familiar with all facets of New Mexico traffic law and may be contacted for assistance at 505.877.8787. The service offered by this expert traffic ticket lawyer is unsurpassed in the state of New Mexico.

Out-of-State Drivers Need Extra Help

It can be very intimidating and stressful for Out-of-State drivers to be stopped by a law enforcement officer for a traffic violation. They may be unsure of the proper procedure for paying a fine or for contesting a ticket. It is even more if frustrating if they feel the ticket was issued unfairly. Because insurance premiums are usually tied to traffic citations, many drivers want to minimize this by fighting the ticket. Unfortunately, many drivers cited in New Mexico are forced to make a snap decision at the time of the traffic stop, admit guilt and agree to a fine, or plead not guilty and schedule the case for a court appearance.

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