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Peter Cyr, Esq.
Street Address 85 Brackett Street
City Portland
State/Province Maine
Zipcode 04102 -3810
Phone (207) 828-5900
Fax (207) 828-5909
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Our attorneys are experienced in handling a wide array of criminal matters in State and Federal Court. 

If you are looking for representation in any criminal matter, call us today for a free consultation. 

We handle all criminal matters including but not limited to: Murder, Embezzlement, Domestic Violence Assault, Drug Trafficking, Operating Under the Influence (OUI), Operating after Revocation, Aggravated Assault, and Burglary. 

Trial Experience of Peter J. Cyr

I have tried six murder trials here in the State of Maine–in York, Cumberland, and Penobscot County. The experience I have gained from these trials has been immeasurable. Having dealt with the pressure when the stakes are so high sets me apart from other trial attorneys who have never experienced a trial of such gravity. 

I have tried numerous other trials in State and Federal Court including Manslaughter, Aggravated Assault, Domestic Violence Assault, Operating Under the Influence, Drug Trafficking, and Possesion of a Firearm by a Felon. 

With experience comes knowledge. Knowing how a jury might perceive certain circumstances gives an attorney a huge leg up on negotiating with a prosecutor. Knowing whether the State has a strong or weak case, or knowing whether your defense is tenable helps me get the best result possible for your case. 


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