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How is your attorney SEO plan working out for your law firm’s website? Online search engine visibility can be challenging for law firms, as it is expensive and time consuming.

Directory Listings to Boost Search Engine Visibility

As an aid to your SEO strategy, consider a listing with and Our attorney directories are optimized for search engine visibility, making it easier for clients to find and share your practice.

Two common ways a client can find help on our sites:

We spend time marketing and driving traffic to our listings so you don’t have to. Our directories appeal to niche customers who need the services you provide. Since search engine marketing can cost thousands of dollars per month and yield small results, our listings are much more cost-effective for you. One new case every 3 to 4 years easily covers the cost of a listing with us. Listing with us can help increase your search engine visibility.

Increasing Demand for DUI Attorneys

Driving Under the Influence of alcohol and other drugs is a huge issue in the United States and Canada. It has led to a huge number of arrests, driver’s license suspension, fines and downward spirals for many people. And the need for DUI lawyers is increasing. Our site caters to a growing demographic of people who need these services. A listing with our directories ensures your law firm is visible and searchable for a growing number of people.

Since the increase in marijuana legalization may also increase arrests for drug DUI offenses, it would be advantageous for your law practice to be listed in our directory.

We work hard on page optimization to draw a relevant audience who needs specific and immediate help. By leveraging our established, search engine optimized directory, your law site can be found by a larger audience from the first page of Google. By taking advantage of this cost-effective listing, you can start drawing traffic from Google searches.

Your attorney SEO plan will benefit from a listing as you add links to your site, share the listing on social media, and draw traffic looking for your services. Don’t get stuck or discouraged with your current plan. Let us help you achieve measurable results.

Not only do we make it easier to find and review your company, but we offer the ability to easily share your listing on social media. So, with the click of a button, your personalized Gold Listing can be sent out to Facebook, Google +, Twitter or LinkedIn. Don’t spend time or money with campaigns that are expensive and time consuming. Start getting results with an online directory listing and spend your time doing what you do best.

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