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Why should I have an Attorney Listing?

Not everyone has your skills. You worked long and hard at going to school, building a practice and trying to promote yourself. Our site offers you the ability to stay within an advertising budget that doesn't try and GOUGE YOU! You are able to post unlimited content on your listing page to be able to entice clients to hire you, because they feel like they know you. Don't have time to create a listing for yourself ? Our Gold Membership gives you the benefit of us creating your ad for you. You simply let us know what you would like modified, edited or deleted. Change it as many times as you like. We take care of our customers. We update our social media sites on a regular basis, and the people who need you the most can find you while looking for Treatment Providers. When clients are willing to help the man in the mirror, it's always easier for you to make a case for them. Gives you one more bullet in your defense arsenal. Win -Win for all. Click here for more information.

Why should I have a Treatment Center Listing?

Let's face it, "Nobody changes as long as their comfortable." Helping people is what you thrive on. Many of your clients will need help restoring their internal compass. Once you have them thinking clearly, you can help point them to a list of Legal Professionals that can help steer their external compass. When people are seeking to get help, they need to be able to make an informed decision to find a responsible, respected firm that can help them think and act differently. Getting help for Substance Use and Mental Health should be looked at as a huge plus. If we have diabetes, no one would question our seeking help. Let's end the stigma and discrimination.  Choosing a Gold Membership allows you to get in a Nationwide Directory for people to find you. You can post unlimited content, so those seeking help can check out all your attributes, and attorneys can suggest a place where their clients can go to get cleaned up if needed. Bottom line - your Gold Member Listing will cost less than taking your family out for pizza for the night. Click here for more info.

Seeking Help?

Our mission at Driver's License Restorers is to provide you with the tools, education, and resources you need to get your life back. We want to help you and other people who have had difficulty with alcohol and substance abuse while on the road. Your mistakes don’t have to define you for the rest of your life - we’re here to help.

We offer driving courses that are designed to show that you are making a conscious effort to become a safe, reliable driver. You'll learn how to stay safe while on the road - protecting yourself, your passengers, and everyone around you. You can regain your freedom and your self-confidence, and can proudly show your renewed self to the rest of the world.

You also have access to substance abuse treatment options, so drugs and alcohol are no longer in control of your life - you are! We value your freedom of choice, so we have provided the best options to get back on track. With support, you can overcome your past habits and create a lifestyle you can be proud of.

Once you’ve hit the road to recovery, we know that you’ll need a powerful teammate in your corner. That’s why we created an attorney directory, to match you up with a local attorney who handles DUI and other driver’s license cases. They know how to present your lifestyle improvements to a judge, so they can see the changes you’ve made. Your attorney will help you navigate the legal system in a way that makes sense for your specific situation.

With all of our guidance and support, you’ll be that much closer to holding your driver’s license in your hand once again. Imagine the self-confidence and pride you will have once you overcome your past and create your own future. Take the wheel of your own life, and let us help you today.

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