The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Centers (ADATC)

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Street Address 2701 Jefferson Avenue SW 
City Birmingham
State/Province AL
Zipcode 35211
Phone (205) 925 – 6552
Fax (205) 923 – 9826
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The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Centers (ADATC), operates three different facilities that allows people to get back and enjoy life again. Pearson Hall, Olivia’s House, and the Zukoski Center all provide services operated by ADATC. ADATC is certified by the Alabama Department of Mental Health-Mental Retardation.The priorities of admission are (1) Pregnant IV drug users (2) Pregnant substance abuse users and (3) IV users.

As with any other disease, alcoholism or drug addiction requires professional treatment. It is a primary, progressive, and fatal disease, without treatment it will get worse—never better. Yet, some individuals and families still try to treat this disease alone. Unfortunately, improvements are always temporary, and the relapses are always more severe.

However, with treatment and abstinence, there is a one hundred percent chance of recovery. That’s truly an amazing statistic! It’s possible with professional help.

What happens when people recover? They get healthier and
learn to feel good about themselves. Relationships with family and friends improve. They can laugh and feel joy. All in all, life gets better—a whole lot better.


Named in honor of J. Richmond Pearson, an Alabama State Senator, who assisted the agency in securing state dollars to construct what is now Pearson Hall. Pearson Hall is a short term crisis stabilization treatment and indigent detoxification program, serving male and females.

Just as Mr. Pearson helped us to get our start, we help our clients start their lives over and become productive citizens in their community. Clients entering our inpatient program at Pearson Hall are met with a warm, loving hug for taking the first step in getting help with their problem. Treatment services are then planned by the medical and counseling staff to meet each client’s individual needs.


The office of our HIV Outreach Program is located in the Zukoski Center. The community outreach includes:

  • Provide HIV Case Management.
  • Provide HIV Educational Lectures.
  • Provide Intensive Outpatient (IOP) counseling and education.
  • Provide HIV screening and testing, (pre and post testing).


After care services at Olivia’s House are designed to provide continued support for clients in the maintenance stage of recovery.

Clients in maintenance work to sustain a recovery program that promotes prompt identification and management of problems. Effective day to day coping, continued growth and development, and adjusting to life’s transitions are all characteristic of clients in this stage of recovery.

After discharge from the residential program women may continue to attend aftercare groups to help maintain recovery efforts and to assist in the translation to an independent lifestyle.

After care support groups are held weekly at Olivia’s House and are designed to help clients in the day to day process of developing a high quality lifestyle.

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