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Treatment Centers in Harrison Michigan
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At Behavioral Rehabilitation Services, your sobriety comes first. We are a private, inpatient alcohol and drug rehabilitation center nestled among 80 beautiful acres of wooded land, surrounded by 20 lakes.  Our 6 scenic hiking trails and comprehensive fitness center offer unrivaled solace from your hectic every day. BRS provides guests the comfort of home. Patients receive nutritional consultation to help aid in the healing process. The 24/7, onsite counseling and security staff keep clients safe and are available for any need that may arise.

We customize our treatment plans to fit your unique needs. At Behavioral Rehabilitation Services, we understand the demands of an executive lifestyle, which is why you’ll have access to your laptop and cell phone during your stay.

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services’ modern facilities, amenities, and professional staff create the supportive, relaxing environment you need to rebuild the life you deserve.

Contact us to learn more about our facility and addiction rehabilitation program.

Getting help for an addiction or substance abuse problem is much more successful with the right treatment program.


Drug Detox the Right WayDetox is the process of ridding a chemical or substance from the body of an individual who has become addicted to using it. Freeing any drug or alcohol from the body can cause adverse side effects that manifest both physically and emotionally. Having the ability to spot signs of addiction can help with identifying any friends or loved ones in your life who may be struggling to overcome habits of their own. Detoxing the body contributes to diminishing the overall cravings for substances and alcohol.


Signs of addiction range from physical signs to emotional symptoms, depending on the type of drug or substance that is being abused, as well as the severity of the addiction over time. Many physical symptoms of addiction manifest during withdrawal and range from shakiness and sweating to panic attacks, nausea, vomiting, and twitching throughout the muscles of the body. Emotional signs of addiction withdrawal include anxiety, depression, crying, rage and anger outbursts, and even paranoia in severe cases and when using harder drugs such as methamphetamine and heroin.


There are different types of detox programs for both alcohol and other substances ranging from over-the-counter medicines to prescription medication and illicit street drugs. These procedures are often done at inpatient facilities that require those who enroll to stay on the premises throughout the program.

There may also be outpatient detox programs available which do not require patients to live at the actual facility itself, but rather attend weekly meetings instead. Determining whether an inpatient or an outpatient detox program is right for your loved one depends on the addiction they are faced with, as well as the severity of their addiction and how it is affecting their relationships, everyday life, and even their health.


Detox helps to take some of the stress off of family and other loved ones of an individual who has become addicted to using and abusing alcohol or other drugs on a regular basis. Once your loved one is checked into a program, they are also cared for by professional healthcare specialists, doctors, and counselors to get them through the entire process and on their way to begin rehabilitation.

Additionally, a detox program ensures your loved one’s body is responding acceptably to ensure they do not encounter additional health problems throughout their journey. Monitoring the body and its responses to detoxing is an essential factor to consider any time an individual is going through a detox program. Once the first stages of detoxing are over, your loved one is more likely to begin feeling better while focus and clarity return to the body.

The most difficult times of detoxing the body from drugs and alcohol last anywhere from just 72 hours to more than three full weeks. The time for detoxifying the body depends on the amount of drugs or other substances the individual who is addicted has built up within the body and the body’s bloodstream. The beginning of detoxifying the body is the most dangerous part of this process, when the body may have adverse reactions to not having chemicals and substances it is familiar with daily.

Throughout the detox program, facilities and treatment centers also provide both group therapy and one-on-one counseling sessions for your loved one to attend. Sharing their feelings about their addictions openly with others and with professionals is a way to ensure they are sticking to the journey of becoming sober and ridding all use of alcohol and other substances from their lives completely. Having others who are facing addiction available to help your loved one is a way for them to relate to those who are also struggling, making their journey to sobriety more realistic and achievable.


Anytime you have a friend or a family member who has become addicted to using drugs or alcohol; it’s essential to create a support group of loved ones who care about their well-being as much as you do. Getting a support group in order is a way to lend emotional support to your loved one while confronting their addiction and discussing resources and other options that are currently available and suitable for them personally.


Finding the right detox facility for your loved one greatly depends on the type of addiction they are trying to overcome individually in addition to the severity of their addiction and the assistance they may require throughout the process. Seeking out a detox facility can be done by checking with local rehab centers and detox programs in addition to also comparing your options online, based on where you live and where you are willing to relocate for the detoxification itself. Comparing detox programs and rehab facilities is highly recommended before choosing one to discuss with your loved one to ensure everyone is comfortable with the decision.

Understanding the benefits of detoxing the body and getting your loved one help throughout the rehabilitation process can contribute to making the difference between continuing the abuse of drugs and reaching sobriety. Although addiction is often an ongoing battle for those affected, it can be overcome with enough support and an adequate amount of detox and rehabilitation resources available.



Faith Based TreatmentA faith based rehabilitation approach will teach those who engage in it how to strengthen their own spiritual foundation and personal resolve, find out what caused them to abuse drugs and alcohol in the first place, and increase their own sense of self-worth, all in order to help them overcome their need for alcohol or drugs.  As far as how they go about this, in most cases spiritual rehab centers provide the very same or similar therapy and tools to help their clients stay clean, recovered, and sober as non-spiritual facilities do. The difference here though is that faith based treatment centers also teach spiritual principles, religious morals, and spiritual improvement techniques.  Furthermore, faith based rehab centers view one’s relationship with his or her god as an important aspect of healing and achieving a very permanent level of sobriety.


As mentioned before, faith based treatment approaches have been around for thousands of years.  They are probably one of the oldest rehabilitation techniques that are still in existence today.

Here’s a general fact list of the historical appearances of faith based addiction treatment:

  • Faith based treatment has been around as long as addiction and religion, which can be traced back to the dawn of civilization around 10,000 B.C.
  • Ever since humans have struggled with addiction, there has been the approach of curing that addiction through religion and spiritual improvement.
  • Faith based approaches have been a key aspect to the rehabilitating of people from addiction, and they have been highly effective throughout the years.
  • Faith based treatment started when humans became addicted to substances, and their peers and religious officials thought that they were possessed by demon spirits that were causing them to act so rashly.
  • Particularly when substance abuse became the bane of early civilization in both ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire, religious approaches to trying to address these issues became quite prevalent.
  • Much confusion was had over addiction at first in the early days, but it didn’t take long to understand that it was the consumption of certain substances that were causing people to act the way they did, not possessed by demons.  However, the religious bodies of various human civilizations already have a foot in the door when it came to addressing addiction, and these religions had already worked out pretty successful methods of addiction, demons or no demons.
  • After this point, religious approaches and faith based approaches stayed on as being one of the most successful of them all when it came to rehabilitating drug and alcohol addiction.

For as long as there has been addiction in human life, there have been ways to overcome that addiction.  One of the oldest rehabilitation methods has been to conquer addiction through faith.  Religion and faith is a powerful aspect to human life and living both.  Faith acts as a driving force for the survival and well-being of mental, personal, spiritual happiness and serenity.  When individuals have something that they believe in so strongly that it is a motivating and major influence in their life, they can call upon that faith to assist them in conquering the trials and tribulations of addiction.


Addiction is a horrendous chemicals dependence and mental reliance disease that is very difficult to get rid of fully.  At Behavioral Rehabilitation Services, we know how much work has to go into getting people off of drugs and alcohol, and we know how much effort it takes on their parts to do this as well.  We want to make this process as smooth and as comfortable as possible.  We are an exclusive, executive, rehabilitation center and we only offer the best of the best not only in our rehabilitation techniques but also in our berthing, in our meals, in our amenities, and in our facility in general.  A stay at BRS is an enjoyable one to say the least, and our clients succeed against addiction and they do it in the comfort of our friendly, amicable facility.

We have a lot to offer to our clients.  The facility is comfortable, the berthing is very pleasant and fitted to the needs of our individual clients, and our meal plan and amenities both epitomize a pleasant experience.  But what really stands out about us is our program.

At BRS, we offer a highly diversified and highly varied treatment program.  Our program is highly customizable, so clients can pick and choose what they feel will be best for them and they can leave out which rehabilitation techniques they do not feel will work on them as well.  In this way, clients are able to work with our staff to custom-make a tailor-made rehabilitation program that will be not only highly efficacious but comfortable, pleasant, and enjoyable too.  One of the most popular and most-sought treatment approaches that we have to offer at BRS is our faith based approach.


Our staff has seen nothing but greatness come from our faith based track.  We’ve had clients make complete one-hundred and eighty degree turns from just having a few sessions with a religious counselor.  Our prayer segments, groups, and our Sunday services are quite enjoyable and quite open-ended.  We generally speaking actually have a lot of our clients show up for these faith based group sessions whether they themselves adhere to a particular faith.  They are instantly applicable and totally enjoyable. We will continue to include our faith based track, as we want to deliver one-hundred percent success to all of our clients, and a faith based track is a perfect choice for many individuals who want to attain complete sobriety.

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