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Street Address 819 W. Gurley Street
City Prescott,
State/Province AZ
Zipcode 86305
Phone (800) 651-7254
Cities of Practice Open to All
Ages 18-65
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We Heal You

Addiction Treatment For Women

Canyon Crossing is a residential treatment program for women recovering from addiction. We provide a structured living environment to facilitate therapeutic processes which help our female residents solidify positive behaviors while feeling loved and respected. With us, women learn how to become excited about life again or for the first time ever.


Mission Statement

Canyon Crossing Recovery is an Arizona Transitional Living Program providing outpatient services and sober living in Prescott, AZ. We insist on showing women how to walk with integrity and grace. Our program is structured to promote peer accountability, living life on life’s terms, and showing women there is a life outside of drugs and alcohol…and they are worth it!

Why choose Canyon Crossing Recovery?

  1. The accountability level we teach the women through our structure
  2. We set women up for success while teaching them to be responsible and live life on life’s terms
  3. Women are involved in Intensive Outpatient therapy so that their therapeutic needs are appropriately addressed
  4. Women are taught how to walk through and overcome barriers such as anxiety, fear and the overwhelming reality that drugs and alcohol can no longer be a part of their life. Healthy coping mechanisms are taught to help address these obstacles.
  5. Our unique services are a fraction of the cost of most typical transitional living facilities
  6. Women are given opportunities to walk through discomfort in a therapeutic environment which promotes self learning and growth, and results in improved self-esteem and empowerment.

Women’s Only Treatment Programs

Focused on the unique needs of women struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, Canyon Crossing optimizes treatment success through outpatient recovery programs, structured transitional living, and family therapy. Our women’s only treatment program gives clients the opportunity to address gender-specific issues, build a supportive network of female friends, and express themselves more openly than they could in a co-ed environment.

Addiction Treatment Activities for Women - Craft NightAddiction Treatment Differences for Women

Addiction does not discriminate by gender, but there is evidence that female substance abusers face different physiological and psychological challenges than men. These include:

  • Addiction progression. Women metabolize alcohol and drugs differently than men, so they become high more quickly and develop addictions sooner.
  • Shame & denial. Women are caregivers by nature, so they tend to have a difficult time admitting when they need treatment. Parenting, marriage, and workplace responsibilities may also prevent them from getting help.
  • The need for relationship. Having been isolated in their addiction, women are less solitary and more communal in their approach to recovery. Canyon Crossing Recovery encourages relationship building through group therapy, activity therapy, and fellowship opportunities.

Addressing the gender-specific needs of female addicts, our Prescott, AZ recovery facility provides women exiting residential rehab with a safe, transitional living situation and outpatient program. Our clients work to replace addiction behaviors with healthy patterns while healing emotionally and physically and learning to love themselves again.

Benefits of Canyon Crossing Recovery

While there are many rehabilitation options for women, our 12-step based program puts clients in the best position to achieve and sustain long-term sobriety. During your program, you will learn to:

  • Address core issues like trauma or sex & love addiction
  • Walk with confidence, integrity & grace
  • Develop a renewed sense of independence & self-respect
  • Become part of a vibrant community
  • Take responsibility for your actions & decisions
  • Rebuild family relationships & contribute to a healthy home atmosphere

It is recommended that clients take a break from romantic relationships during the first year of sobriety. In some cases, romantic relationships trigger the need to use, or may even become a substitute addiction. To avoid this, we encourage clients to put their energy toward making peace with themselves and pursuing physical and emotional health. This allows them to prioritize sobriety and enter into a healthy relationship when they are ready.

Contact Our Arizona Drug Rehab for Women

To learn more about our transitional living programs for women or inquire about financing for addiction treatment, call 800.651.7254 today. Located in beautiful Prescott, AZ near national parks, hiking trails, and other diversions, we encourage clients to embrace their natural surroundings through adventure therapies, horsemanship, ropes courses, spiritual retreats, and more. Our Arizona drug and alcohol rehab facility accepts most health insurance plans, and intake specialists can assist you with financing options. To submit your information online, click here to access our confidential inquiry form.


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Women Only Treatment

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Women’s Only Addiction Recovery Center Features

Canyon Crossing Recovery takes an integrated approach to women’s only addiction treatment. Encouraging total wellness through intensive outpatient therapy and supportive transitional living, we teach women to lead lives of productivity and peace. We also focus on self-care, since this is a crucial element of addiction recovery. Taking proper care of ourselves allows us to remain healthy while meeting the needs of those around us: in our families, homes, social circles, and workplaces.

Canyon Crossing’s comprehensive women’s rehab program gives clients a blueprint for living while providing the tools they need to manage cravings, sustain sobriety, and embrace a lifetime of sobriety. Program features include:

  • Adventure therapy
  • Spiritual retreats
  • Experiential therapy
  • Horsemanship
  • Ropes courses
  • 12-step-based therapy
  • Educational workshops
  • Boundary & relationship therapy
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Communication skills
  • Life skills
  • Holistic care
  • Relapse prevention


Drug Rehab Arizona

Why a Women’s Only Program?

Women are uniquely wired for relationships. At Canyon Crossing Recovery, we encourage clients to build trusting relationships with other women, gain positive support from group therapy sessions, and become part of a thriving, sober community. During women’s only outpatient recovery, clients can speak freely and without the inhibition that exists in a co-ed rehab setting. Clients are also encouraged to put dating on hold for the first year of recovery, and Canyon Crossing supports women as they set aside romantic relationships to prioritize their sobriety.


Begin Holistic AZ Addiction Treatment Today

Addiction recovery requires changes that touch upon every aspect of a client’s life, so we take a holistic approach to treatment. Treating the mind, body, and spirit gives women the foundation they need to walk away from substance abuse for good.

If you or a loved one needs to get help for their opiate, alcohol, marijuana, or prescription drug addiction, our structured Arizona rehab is waiting to help. Serving women 18 to 65, we teach you to become your best you while overcoming the physical and psychological impact of addiction. Dial 800.651.7254 today, or submit your request using our private online form.

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