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Street Address 28807 W. Eight Mile Road, Suite 102 , MI 48152
City Livonia
State/Province MI
Zipcode 48152
Phone (248) 471-5550
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Welcome to the Center of Behavioral Therapy, a State of Michigan professional corporation, providing outpatient healthcare services to individuals, couples, families and groups in the Metro Detroit area since 1983.

Center of Behavioral Therapy, P.C. is a licensed mental health professional provider that provides comprehensive psychotherapy services. “Psychotherapy is the assessment and treatment of psychological, emotional, or behavioral disorders through interpersonal communications between a patient/client and therapist.” With a diverse panel of professionals, CBT is able to help wide range of individuals develop the skills needed of effectively function.

Services​ at Center of Behavioral Therapy


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a form of therapy in which the client is treated one-on-one with a therapist. The most popular form of therapy, individual therapy may encompass many different treatment styles including psychoanalysis and cognitive-behavioral therapy.


Group Therapy

Group therapy is therapy is therapy that is done with three or more people. As it is therapy, a therapist runs the group. Groups generally have rule within the group that what is said there says there, and often participants are discouraged from meeting outside of the group.  Groups can be structured as time limited closed groups, or they can be open evolving groups, where the therapist regularly introduces new participants as spaces open up.  The group dynamic can be very effective for some as it helps


Couple/Family Therapy

Couple/Family therapy is a type of psychotherapy that involves members of a nuclear family or step family and, in some cases, members of the extended family (e.g., grandparents). A therapist or team of therapists conduct multiple sessions to help couples/families deal with important issues that may interfere with the functioning of the family and the home environment.







Therapy Staff for Center of Behavioral Therapy


Hollis M. Evans, LMSW

Hollis has a Master of Social Work degree from Wayne State University and a Bachelor’s in Religious Education from Detroit Bible College. He founded Center of Behavioral Therapy in 1983.  He is community oriented and desires to provide avenues for therapists to build their private practice. Hollis is a client-focused clinician with a strong commitment to serving the needs of youth and families. Having over 30 years of experience as a public school social worker, Hollis is passionate in providing culturally competent treatment for African American children, youth and families.  Mr. Evans has been a presenter of numerous seminars and workshops related to family issues, concerns of particular interest to the Christian community, compulsive gambling, and various mood disorders. He has also been a regular guest on Christian radio discussing issues relative to mental health and the Christian community. His areas of specialty include:  youth and families, marital couples, employee performance, disability claims, and the treatment of grief and loss and depressive disorders.

Gaynella Jackson, LMSW

Gaynella has a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Science in Social Work degree from Mercy College. Gaynella’s areas of expertise include self-esteem, grief/loss, depression, anxiety, life and work transitions, relationship issues such as separation and divorce, and issues of particular concern to women such as domestic violence and sexual assault.  Gay’s treatment experience is from over 20 years in the field of social work having worked in various settings from private practice, municipal, hospital, and nonprofit settings.  Gay also brings business experience to the services she provides having owned several business enterprises and provided business coaching to managers and executives in goal setting, team building, organizational behavior, and career planning.  She can assist professional clients and corporate groups with this expertise.



Workshops and Seminars

Workshops and Seminars are offered on a 2-hour, half day or full day basis on a number of topics for educational, health, community organizations, corporations, churches, or individuals. Topics covered by the Center of Behavioral Therapy’s therapists include Mental Illness in the Christian Community, Self Esteem, Depression, Bipolar, Positive Parenting, Addiction, Anxiety Disorders, and Anger Management.  Other topics can be developed based on your organization or special needs.

– Community Lectures and Seminars
– Confidential Assessments/Evaluations
– Employee Assistance Programs
– FMLA/Disability Claims
-Gambling Addictions Helpline
-Individual/Couple/Family and Group -Counseling
-Medical Referrals

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