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Street Address 13595 Booker T,Washington Highway
City Moneta
State/Province Virginia
Zipcode 24121-6409
Phone 540-296-4095
Fax 540-721-5112
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The lawyers at Gilbert, Bird & Weston have provided legal representation to the growing Smith Mountain Lake area and the Roanoke Valley since 1997. Our attorneys combine big-firm experience with an emphasis on providing the personal attention that clients usually expect from smaller law firms. We work with businesses as well as individuals in a wide variety of practice areas, including family law and divorce, real estate law, estate planning and elder law, personal injury, traffic law and criminal defense, business law and corporate formation. The certificates on our office walls state “attorney and counselor at law,” and we don’t disregard the counseling aspect of our commitment to clients. Personal attention doesn’t carry the day, however, if a legal team is not equally committed to coming out on top. Our attention to detail allows us to build strong cases that frequently are resolved without the need for drawn-out litigation. We always aim for efficient resolutions, but our lawyers are trial-tested and ready to go to court when a fair agreement cannot be reached.

Virginia has strict statutes in regard to DUI/DWI offenses. If a driver is stopped on a suspicion of driving drunk, the officer will likely conduct a field sobriety test and/or a Breathalyzer test. A blood alcohol count (BAC) of .08 or more will result in a charge of driving under the influence (DUI). Depending on a variety of factors — such as whether this was a first-time offense, whether there was a minor in the car and more — penalties can include the revocation of your driver’s license, jail time, heavy fines and other consequences. At the Virginia law firm of Gilbert, Bird & Weston, our Roanoke DUI and reckless driving attorneys defend individuals accused of these offenses throughout the Roanoke Valley, Smith Mountain Lake area and beyond. Asking The Right Questions After Your Traffic Stop Our law firm knows the seriousness of a drunk driving charge, but we also know that law enforcement personnel sometimes overstep their bounds or fail to follow proper procedures. In cases involving alcohol- or drug-related driving offenses, we will investigate the legality of the traffic stop and make sure your constitutional rights were protected at every stage. Some of the questions we may ask include: Did law enforcement have a valid reason to pull you over on the road? Did the officer have reasonable grounds to think you were driving while intoxicated? Did he or she perform a valid roadside field sobriety test? Was the Breathalyzer machine properly calibrated and maintained? If we find through cross-examining the officer that your rights were violated or that another mistake was made, we may be able to get the DUI charge reduced or dismissed altogether.

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