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Impaired Driving/DUI

Don’t face an Impaired Driving charge without the power of KAVAWOOD on your side.

Impaired driving law is a key focus of our work. We have over 29 years of combined criminal law experience, including a former prosecutor.

We’re passionate about representing individuals who are facing drive impaired charges, and you’ll notice it from the moment you contact us. Get us on your side today.

The police say I was impaired. I failed a breath test. I’m going to be convicted, right?

Wrong. Canadian impaired driving law is not well understood by most Canadians, and that can make you feel powerless – even when you do have defences available to you. You need to see a KAVAWOOD lawyer right away.

Sometimes, police procedure is not correctly followed and your rights are violated, whether this is known to you or not. Violation of your rights is a legitimate defence – we know exactly what to look for, and we’ll defend you aggressively.

As much as the police would have you believe otherwise, breathalzyers are not always right. Incorrect and invalid readings do happen, for a range of reasons. These issues are a legitimate defence and can lead to your reading being excluded from evidence – where appropriate, we’ll use our extensive knowledge to pursue this defence to it’s fullest.

In trial matters, KAVAWOOD can be counted on to prepare for your case with the importance it deserves. You will benefit from our years of knowledge and experience leading up to and during a trial. You’ll feel comfort knowing that you’ve got a highly skilled lawyer in YOUR court who will leave no stone unturned.

Do not assume that you will be found guilty. Ever.

You may feel powerless with an impaired driving charge looming over you, but you have the power to equip yourself with a defense team who can aggressively deal with the charges against you.

It does not matter if you’ve failed a breath test. Do not plead guilty before you consult KAVAWOOD.

We know how stressful an impaired driving charge can be for you and your family.

We are available to represent individuals across Manitoba, as well as other jurisdictions in Canada. When you meet with us, we will take the time to:

  • Explain all of the ramifications of the possible conviction(s) you face
  • Identify your available options, including whether your charges might be reduced or dismissed as well as what your avenues of defence can be
  • Help you to retrieve your driver’s license before your trial


Tony Kavanagh, Partner

Tony has been a lawyer in Winnipeg for 22 years and practices mainly in the area of criminal defence law. Tony has represented people charged with all types of charges including high profile murder cases reported nationally (jury acquittal earlier this year) along with many drive impaired, drug, sexual assault and fraud cases. But no matter the charge, he prides himself on a client-centered approach and works hard on finding practical solutions to the person dealing with the pressure and stress of being prosecuted.

He has many years of experience in the criminal courts on both sides of the courtroom (he was a senior prosecutor for many years) so he can help you figure out the next steps from a wealth of experience and over a 1000 trials under his belt and appearances at every level of Manitoba court. He will develop a multi-level strategy and tactical plan in handling your matter for trial. But even if you think you should plead guilty, you’ll need help dealing with the prosecutor and the Judge to achieve best results. Some people plead guilty without understanding the consequences and they can be very severe. He also handles administrative and civil matters (particularly in the professional discipline area) and is an independent adjudicator. He teaches law students at both the Canadian Centre for Professional and Legal Education and at Robson Hall Law School (University of Manitoba).

Contact Tony Kavanagh for a free consultation at:
Cell: 204-232-4109 (or text)
Direct Phone: 204-515-0753
Firm: 204-515-3787
Fax: 204-515-3788
E-Mail: tony@kavawood.ca


James Wood, Partner

James Wood is an experienced criminal defence lawyer and has appeared in all levels of court in Manitoba (Provincial Court, Court of Queen’s Bench and the Court of Appeal).

James practice includes defending ALL types of criminal matters such as:
– impaired driving
– drug offences
– assault, sexual assault, assault causing bodily harm, aggravated assault, murder
– firearm and weapon related offences
– fraud and breach of trust offences
– break & enter, and related property crime offences
– highway traffic act offences

James also represents clients at the Licence Suspension Appeal Board, and has assisted clients appearing before professional administrative tribunals and discipline committees. James brings a wealth of life experience to his practice as a criminal defence lawyer. He has over 10 years of experience working in the Criminal Justice System. He has worked as a youth justice worker, a correctional officer, and as an inmate education co-ordinator for Alberta Justice. James was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces (Infantry and Armoured), and was also an instructor for the Canadian Firearms Safety Course for restricted and non-restricted firearms.

Contact James Wood at:
Cell: 204-294-4340
Direct Phone: 204-515-4327
Firm: 204-515-3787
Fax: 204-515-3788
E-Mail: james@kavawood.ca


Serena Ehrmantraut, Associate Lawyer

Serena has her roots in Sagkeeng First Nation. After her first degree, she worked with at-risk-youth, conducted intake work with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and also conducted research with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. She served as President of the Manitoba Aboriginal Law Student’s Association and completed her law degree in Manitoba. Serena brings a wealth of experience from her community and life to the practice of law.

Contact Serena at:
Direct Phone: 204-515-6462
Firm: 204-515-3787
Fax: 204-515-3788
E-Mail: serena@kavawood.ca


Laura Nagy, Associate Lawyer

Born and raised in Montreal, Laura moved to Winnipeg after completing her Quebec Civil Law degree at the University of Ottawa in 2014. The highlight of her legal education was her close collaboration with local organizations, carrying out an awareness campaign on human trafficking in Ottawa.  Upon moving to Winnipeg, she obtained her common law certification, challenging the requirements of the National Committee on Accreditation. While finishing law school, Laura confirmed her interest in criminal law by working as a legal assistant at Bueti Wasyliw Wiebe, where she later articled in 2017.  She volunteered at the Legal Help Centre and worked as a courtroom clerk for the Winnipeg Law Courts.  She received her call to the Bar in May 2018 and joined KAVAWOOD as an associate lawyer to continue practising in criminal defence. Fluent and can provide legal assistance in French and English. Fluent in Hungarian.

Contact Laura at:
Direct: 204-515-6461
Main: 204-515-3787
Office Fax: 204-515-3788
Email: laura@kavawood.ca

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