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Street Address 100 S. Broad Street,Suite 1205
City Philadelphia
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Kenneth L. Baritz & Associates, P.C., is a Philadelphia area law firm consisting of a family of lawyers and staff, serving the Philadelphia area for more than 30 years. Our law practice is focused primary in the areas of landlord-tenant law, general real estate law, business law and criminal defense. Our clients typically include landlords dealing with eviction matters (non-payment of rent, termination of term, and breach of lease conditions), entrepreneurs seeking to incorporate, real estate developers, business owners working to grow their businesses, and Pennsylvanians charged with crimes. Satisfied clients and peers in the legal community often describe our attorneys as knowledgeable, diligent, dedicated and prepared. We welcome inquiries from potential clients needing assistance with eviction, entity creation for new businesses or representation of criminal defendants charged with gun crimes, drug crimes, DUI (drunk driving), theft offenses, or traffic offenses. Contact us to learn about the strengths and assets that may make our law firm ideally suited to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on relationships and efficiency. While each client has his or her own dedicated attorney, our well-organized communication style within the law firm makes us very accessible to new and existing clients alike. Inquiries, check-up calls and questions are answered promptly and decisively. It is not uncommon for us to file legal documents the same day we talk with a new client for the very first time. We resolve many cases quickly, without the need for trial. At the same time, we are in court every day, and are ready to litigate when necessary. Initial consultations are free. We offer our services for collection and enforcement of judgments on a contingency basis. Fees for other legal services are kept competitive by virtue of our experience and efficiency.

After a drunk driving or DUI arrest in the Philadelphia area, it is important that you speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Even if you failed a Breathalyzer test or blood test, or refused to take one, you have rights that should be protected throughout the legal process. If you are looking for a Philadelphia drunk driving defense lawyer, who also serves areas such as Willow Grove, contact Kenneth L. Baritz & Associates, P.C., to schedule a no-obligation consultation. Learn what the law has to say about your rights. Beware New Mandatory Minimum Sentences for DUI in Pennsylvania Beginning in 2004, the Pennsylvania Legislature enacted a new set of DUI laws that include mandatory minimum sentences for DUI convictions. The applicable mandatory minimum sentence is determined by a number of factors: Whether you were convicted of multiple DUI offenses (including “ARD” and other similar diversion programs) within the last 10 years, The level of alcohol and/or drugs that were in your system, Whether you refused to take a Breathalyzer or blood test, and Whether there was an accident. The penalties get increasingly harsher with each subsequent DUI conviction. With respect to alcohol, there are three relevant tiers to consider. The first tier of blood alcohol level above the legal limit is a level of at least .08 but less than .10. The second tier is a level of at least .10 but less than .16. The third tier is a level of at least .16, or if you refuse a Breathalyzer or blood test Other Consequences of a Drunk Driving or DUI Conviction In addition to whatever probation or incarceration is called for under the applicable mandatory minimum sentence, there are also a number of other consequences that may follow a DUI conviction including the following: Loss of driver’s license for a period of time Payment of court costs and fees An alcohol highway safety class Requirement of an ignition interlock device in your car Philadelphia Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys Ready to Defend The two major potential criminal defenses in a DUI case are non-operation (if you were not driving) and non-intoxication (if you were not under the influence while driving). Obviously, the applicability of either potential defense would depend on the particular facts and circumstances of your case. A successful attack to the charges may depend on the initial car stop by police. There is no valid case against you if there was no adequate reason to pull your car over. We can also challenge the results of any Breathalyzer or blood test if the test was done improperly or was not completed within the mandated time period. Contact a Philadelphia DUI DWI defense attorney at Kenneth L. Baritz & Associates, P.C., to learn how we defend your interests after an arrest for driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

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