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Street Address Born Building, Suite 216,1831 Murray Avenue
City Pittsburgh
State/Province Pennsylvania
Zipcode 15217
Phone 412-325-8090
Fax 866-534-8346
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Employment, Civil Rights and Criminal Defense Lawyer My Pittsburgh law practice focuses on protecting individual rights. At the Law Office of Michael J. Lorence, I undertake legal action for people facing discrimination or retaliation. I also work to keep people from losing their driver’s licenses after being charged with a DUI. I am dedicated to helping people who have been treated unfairly or who need the advocacy that only an experienced attorney can provide. Former Government EEO Investigator I was an investigator for the City of Pittsburgh Human Relations Commission performing pre-trial evaluation of employment discrimination cases. I am also a graduate of the Trial Lawyers College, a credential that few attorneys possess. I have also been a labor organizer, helping employee work groups protect themselves by forming unions. These experiences have given me an appreciation for the need to stand up and fight for people’s rights. Making It Easy to Talk to a Lawyer My law firm offers no-obligation consultations in person or by telephone. We accept most credit cards and have reasonable fees. Do not assume you cannot afford a lawyer before talking with me. My law office is welcoming and casual, reflecting my desire to make it easy to talk with a lawyer. I remember how uncomfortable my mother felt when she had to visit a lawyer many years ago. I will not let that happen to you when you visit me. I practice in state and federal courts in Pennsylvania and appear at a variety of administrative agency hearings, including EEOC hearings, PennDOT hearings, and fact-finding conferences held by the Pennsylvania Human Rights Commission. I am also a strong advocate for animal rights. I have written on constitutional criminal law, publishing an article, Special Criminal Tribunals in the Pittsburgh Legal Journal in April 1992 while in Law School. Because there were so few cases on Article I, Section 15, I had to research and read the minutes of the Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention of 1790. That article was cited in the appeal briefs by the attorneys for Mumia Abu-Jamal. To learn more about my law firm and my legal practice, contact my Pittsburgh law firm at 412-325-8090 to learn how I can help you. Whether you are facing age discrimination or have accumulated too many points on your driving record, I will fight for you.

Pittsburgh Underage DUI Defense Lawyer Defending Clients Against Underage Drinking ChargesDUI A drunk driving charge is not something to ignore or dismiss as unimportant. At my Pittsburgh law firm, the Law Office of Michael J. Lorence, I defend college students and others charged with driving under the influence (DUI). I help them obtain dismissal of such charges or fight to reduce the penalties. Pennsylvania Underage Drinking Law “A minor (person under 21 years of age) shall not drive, operate or be in physical control of a motor vehicle while having any alcohol in his/her system. A person who violates this section commits a summary offense …” — Pennsylvania Vehicle Code Section 3718 Investigating the Charges Against You People who have been charged with a DUI find that I am a fierce advocate for justice. DUI charges are not as straightforward as they may seem. I investigate the traffic stop, visit the scene and make sure that law enforcement personnel followed correct procedures when arresting and charging my client. I determine whether the equipment used to test a driver’s blood alcohol content was correctly calibrated. I ensure that my client received the proper Miranda warnings about self-incrimination. In other words, I make sure the police followed the law. A DUI conviction can limit a person’s ability to obtain certain jobs or internships and financial aid. It is worth calling my law firm about the options and alternatives available. There is a lot at stake. Experienced Lawyer Defending College Students and Others Against DUI Charges I defend college students who are attending a college or university in the area, including students at: Carnegie Mellon University University of Pittsburgh Duquesne University Carlow College Chatham College Point Park University Allegheny County Community College Beaver County Community College Many students at these institutions are from other states or countries. Their parents seek local legal representation to prevent their children from acquiring a criminal record while pursuing a degree. I can mount a vigorous defense for college students charged with underage drinking. With more than 15 years of experience as an attorney, I know how to help. I have been able to help clients reduce or avoid the penalties for charges such as underage drinking and driving, or driving on a license that was suspended or revoked for underage DUI. I also represent clients facing DUI charges involving refusal to take chemical or Breathalyzer tests. I provide aggressive representation that seeks reduced penalties and points or dismissal of the charges. Penalties for DUI in Pennsylvania DUIs in Pennsylvania are complex and depend on the percentage of alcohol in the blood (BAC), the age of the driver, the number of previous convictions for DUI and other circumstances. Penalties can include jail, probation, fines, alcohol highway safety school, substance abuse treatment, license suspension or revocation, installation of a required ignition interlock device, and a criminal record.

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