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Scot Sikes
Street Address 5 Bradley Park Court,Suite 101
City Columbus
State/Province Georgia
Zipcode 31904
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Columbus Georgia Trial Attorney

The Law Offices of Scot Sikes handles family law and divorce cases in Columbus Georgia, the Fort Benning area, Chattahoochee County, Harris County, Marion County and Muscogee County.

For over 21 years, Scot Sikes has served in the United States Army, in a variety of positions. His experience includes working for over a decade as an Army Judge Advocate (JAG) officer and lawyer, both as a prosecutor and a Senior Defense Counsel. He has served as a Military Police company commander. He has deployed to Iraq and Kuwait as and Army lawyer, representing soldiers accused of crimes and facing other legal issues.

Hard Hitting, Compassionate Representation

Over the years, Mr. Sikes has earned a reputation as a top notch and fearless trial lawyer. He has fought and won cases that have received international media coverage. Some of his cases have been covered by CNN, Fox News, The New York Times, ABC, NBC, CBS and others.

His family law practice serves the Columbus, Georgia area and provides representation in the areas of Georgia divorce, child support modification, child custody disputes, military divorce and family law issues, adoptions, paternity, and premarital agreements.

Our caring and knowledgeable staff is here to serve and guide you through the legal process as we cultivate strong working relationships with our clients.

Our family law practice areas include:

Divorce Property and Asset Division
Military Divorce Alimony
Contested Divorce Child Custody
Spousal Support Child Support Modification
Separation Agreements Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Contempt Suits Visitation & Modification

Criminal Defense

Our firm handles all levels of criminal cases, including: GA Superior Court, military court, ALS hearings, Magistrate Court, State Court and Federal Court.
Over the past decade, Scot Sikes has earned a reputation as a hard hitting criminal trial lawyer. He has fought and won cases that have received international media coverage. Some of his cases have been covered by CNN, Fox News, The New York Times, ABC, NBC, CBS and others.

If you or a loved one is suspected of a crime or charged with any criminal offense in the Columbus GA area, then call Mr. Sikes, an experienced Georgia criminal defense – DUI defense lawyer, today.

Family Law

Our law firm has developed a reputation for providing compelling divorce and family law representation in the Columbus GA and Fort Benning areas of Georgia.

We understand the challenges that people are faced with when dealing with family law issues and our divorce lawyers will truly listen to you and respond appropriately in order to reduce your fears, uncertainty and anxiety. Additionally, we explain all possible outcomes of each option to help you make an informed decision. Our firm firm is extremely knowledgeable about the local court system as well as the local judges. Our attorneys will expertly represent you whether you are dealing with a contested divorce, uncontested divorce, child support dispute, child custody modification, child visitation modification, military divorce, paternity or adoption.

Military Divorce

As Georgia divorce lawyers, we have the skills and expertise to provide family legal services suited to the needs of each client. We are able advise you on any type process regarding divorce in Georgia such as alimony, child support, child custody, property distribution and pension rights. Our divorce lawyers will make sure you understand and will help you make an informed decision regarding any component of your process, whether it be a contested or uncontested divorce dealing with child custody, child support, modifications and alimony.

If you are facing a divorce or already party to a divorce, please contact our family lawyers to find out what is the best course of action.

Child Support

A disparaging reality of economic life is that once the family unit is divided, the resources and incomes are divided in half as well in addition to the increase of overall expenses. This, in turn, lowers the standard of living in which the family has become accustomed.

As a result of these combined factors, the court oftentimes must alter the child support in order to accommodate the child’s changing needs, in addition to enforcing court orders against parents who either refuse to pay child support, or cannot afford to make payments. Our family law attorneys will negotiate child support agreements that are in the best interests of the child and at the same time, appropriate for each parent’s financial and personal circumstances.

Custody and Visitation Lawyer

The matter of child custody, especially a child custody dispute, during a divorce is one of the hardest and most contentious elements of the proceedings.

The legal terms, custody and visitation, are established by the court and dictate which parent the child will reside with and the arrangements in which the child will visit the other parent. Here in Georgia, the law does not show consideration to either the mother or the father; instead they evaluate the relationship the child has with each parent. Although grandparents and other individuals may seek custody of the child, the natural parents are typically favored over anyone else.

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