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Street Address 1888 Brunswick St, Suite 608
City Halifax
State/Province Nova Scotia
Zipcode B3J 3J8
Phone 902-431-4405
Fax 902-431-4439
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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Halifax

Have you been arrested? We can defend your RIGHTS!Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and we are here to fight for your rights!

Our skilled Halifax Law firm has a team of lawyers that have been successfully defending criminal allegations and criminal charges for many years and we would be honored to do the same for you.

With numerous cases on our record, no case is too complex for our lawyers to handle. We will begin with a free twenty (20) minute case consultation and prepare a unique defense on your behalf. Regardless of your circumstances, our firm is committed to your best interests and will do whatever it takes to work toward a positive outcome for you

You Need A Halifax Criminal Lawyer

Have you been charged with a crime? If so, it is imperative that you take action to ensure that your rights are protected in the best way possible, by obtaining legal representation. At Mccarthy Kuszelewski Law, we are proud to provide over 25 years of years of combined experience and trusted counsel to clients throughout the Halifax, Dartmouth and throughout Nova Scotia and we may be able to help you, as well.

When you choose to work with a Halifax criminal defense lawyer from our Law Firm, you will work directly with the Lawyer who is handling your case. We are committed to ensuring that the rights, freedoms, and future of our clients are safeguarded and we encourage you to contact our team as soon as possible directly after an arrest.

Please view our cases page for a list of cases

DUI Lawyer In Halifax

Our team is committed to ensuring that we provide only the best possible representation to all of our clients. We can use our knowledge of the provincial and federal laws to benefit your case. We understand that each person’s situation is unique. Without the representation of an attorney, you could be facing a difficult, uphill battle against prosecutors.

Please answer the following questions as truthfully and as accurately as possible to help us build the strongest possible defence for your case.1) Did you use hand sanitizer near the time of the incident? 2) Do you use hand sanitizer frequently? 3) Did you have a fever and or were you sick near the time of the incident? 4) Have you ever been diagnosed with Auto-Brewery Syndrome? 5) Have you ever felt slightly intoxicated after eating large meals? 6) Have you ever been diagnosed with Asthma? 7) Do you suffer from Asthma attacks? 8) Have you ever been diagnosed with Anxiety? 9) Do you suffer from anxiety attacks? 10) Do you have any medical issues that affect your breathing? 11) Do you have any medical issues that affect your lungs? 12) Have you been diagnosed with Diabetes? 13) Were you fasting near the time of the alleged incident?14) Were you on a particular diet near the time of the incident?

Curative Questions1) How often do you drink per week?

2) Do you drink in stressful situations?

3) Do you drink to relieve stress?

4) Do you drink large quantities of alcohol at one time?

5) Have you ever spoken to a therapist or any other similar professional regarding your drinking?

If you were charged with any of the following charges, contact Mccarthy Kuszelewski Law right away and get legal representation:Murder • Fraud • Domestic violence • sexual assault • Drug offences • Weapons offences • Assaults • Bail Hearings • Variations to court orders • Charter Applications • Break & Enter • Fraud • Impaired Driving and Related Offences • Driving Under The Influence • Robbery • Sexual Assault • Forcible Confinement • Speeding • Theft

Laura McCarthy

Laura McCarthy is a Halifax native and received her combined honors degree in microbiology & immunology and biochemistry & molecular biology from Dalhousie University. Laura obtained her Juris Doctorate law degree from the Schulich School of Law in 2012. Laura articled with Cox & Palmer of Halifax before joining Howe Law in June 2013. Laura opened McCarthy Kuselewski Law in June 2014 where she currently practices family and criminal law.

Our Mission is very simple- To have extremely satisfied clients. We understand many good people can easily make mistakes or get arrested when they have done nothing wrong. Many crimes are falsely reported and many people are wrongly charged. Guilty until proven innocent is how it sometimes seems to go. Regardless of the merits of the case, being accused of a crime often results in a tremendous amount of emotional pain and anxiety for the accused and their loved ones. Our goal at McCarthy Kuszelewski Law is that your Lawyer in Halifax is to make this process as painless as possible. We also take the time to explain the procedure and the various strategies available for obtaining the best result for your matter.

Ray Kuszelewski

Ray is a member of the bars of Ontario (87), Nova Scotia (96), Newfoundland and Labrador (06) and Manitoba (13). He has practiced in various levels of courts in each province, including jury trials and criminal appeal work.

In Manitoba his practice was in criminal Big Case Management, including murders and attempts, aggravated assaults and sexual assaults, robberies and arson.

He returns to Nova Scotia in order to reconnect with the bar and the community. He will dedicate his practice to criminal law but will use his vast experience in other areas as well.

Godfred Chongatera

Originally from Ghana, Godfred completed his Master of Laws from the Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University in Halifax, and Master of Arts in Sociology from the University of Western Ontario, London Ontario. He has also received the Certificate of Qualification in Law from the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA). He received his Bachelor of Laws LLB and Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Ghana, in Ghana. Godfred was called to the Nova Scotia Bar as a lawyer and admitted to membership in the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society after having completed his articling process with Stewart McKelvey Law firm in Halifax.

Godfred believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to be heard, even if that means giving people a second chance. Godfred will work with his clients using whatever the law offers, to provide the best solution to the clients’ problems. Godfred is resilient, hardworking and brings a toughened approach to his clients. He does not rest and will do everything within the law to ensure success for his clients. He is committed to excellence and pays attention to detail, with drive to success through relentless effort and ethical values. Godfred‘s unique cross-cultural legal education and extensive community involvement across cultures helps him to serve clients from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Godfred is passionate and active in his community. He serves as a board member of the African Diaspora Association of the Maritimes (ADAM), and the African Community Investment Cooperative of Canada Ltd., (ACICC) Halifax, Nova Scotia. As a lawyer and advocate, Godfred is committed, and actively involved and interested in the Nova Scotia community, economic and social development. He understands the sensitivities and values of Nova Scotia.

Godfred enjoys playing football (soccer), running and watching hockey. He also enjoys reading, dancing, following politics, and is interested in volunteering with local organizations. In June 2015, Godfred formally associated himself with MK Law.

Areas of Practice

  • 1. Criminal Defense
  • 2. Personal injury
  • 3. Immigration law
  • 4. Litigation-Corporate/Commercial
  • 5. Employment and Labour
  • 6. Family law
  • 7. Environmental law: regulatory offences; environmental assessment and environmental due diligence

Professional Activities and Affiliation

  • 1. Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society
  • 2. Canadian Bar Association

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