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Street Address 1255 N Oakland Blvd
City Waterford Twp.
State/Province Michigan
Zipcode 48327
Phone 248-599-8999
Hours of Practice Mon - Fri
Cities of Practice Pontiac- 91 N. Saginaw St, G100 Pontiac, MI 48343 248.406.0104| Redford - 24801 W. Five Mile Rd., Suite 1 Redford, MI 48239 248.406.0104| Flint- 1289–D S. Linden Rd. Flint, MI 48532 810.620.7501| Sterling Heights - 33200 Dequindre Rd., Suite 100 Sterling Heights, MI 48310 586.221.3999|
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Logo_Circle1   You are Welcome Here.

Meridian Health Services offers effective, therapy-based addiction treatment in a comfortable, private environment so you can begin the healing process from day one. Your treatment is designed around you.

Logo_Circle2   You are Safe Here.

We provide a safe, medically-supervised environment that respects your privacy and supports your physical and emotional health. Treatment and living spaces are gender specific. Counselors are always available.

Logo_Circle3   You can Be Yourself Here.

We know the pain of addiction. We know the toll it takes on you and your family. And we know what it takes to heal. Our programs are not one-size-fits-all. We provide different options to fit your personal healing style.



Our Programs

A variety of programs are available depending on your need, including:

Driver’s License Evaluation

Meridian Health Services offers driver’s license assessments for those who would like to earn back driving privileges. You do not need to be a participant in one of Meridian’s therapy programs to get the assessment.OurPrograms_WhattoBring

Driver’s license assessments take three hours, cost $345 and include the following:

  • A clinical interview with licensed evaluators, including review of substance use history
  • Review of letters confirming sobriety to ensure proper format and content
  • Review of your master driving record
  • A completed packet with all forms, assessments, results and support group attendance logs that you can then submit to the Secretary of State.

You must call to schedule an appointment for an assessment. Driver’s license assessments are offered at our facilities in Waterford, Pontiac, Redford, Monroe, Flint and Macomb.

Bring the following to your appointment:

  • Master driving record (from Secretary of State)
  • Three to six letters confirming your sobriety.  Letters must include this information:
    • how long the person has known you
    • how often the person sees you
    • the last time the person saw or had knowledge of you drinking or using a controlled substance
    • the amount of alcohol or drug use the person saw you consume when they last witnessed it
    • what social activities you participate in that involve drugs or alcohol
    • the person’s knowledge of your past or current involvement in treatment or support groups
    • The person’s name, phone number, and address
  • Copies of probation or parole discharge
  • All support group attendance logs plus a letter from sponsor or therapist
  • Dates and locations of any treatment received, plus discharge paperwork
  • Ignition Interlock Final Report if you had this restriction

Call for help: 248-599-8999


Depending on your personal situation, your first experience with Meridian may be for detoxification.

Detox is typically a 3-5 day process. Length of time depends on several factors, including your substance use history and medical history.

Detox effects each person differently, so we allow each client to take the time they need. We offer medically-monitored detox in a dedicated section of the building. Medically-monitored means that health care providers are on the unit around the clock to monitor your physical condition, and provide medications to ease withdrawal symptoms.

Meridian Health Services staff will do all we can to keep you comfortable. You’ll have your own bed and space for your belongings. Meals, laundry facilities, and a roomy lounge with flatscreen TV are all provided.

While you’re in detox, you will spend time in daily group therapy sessions with licensed therapists. Therapists and medical providers will evaluate your progress and develop a plan for continued treatment. We may recommend you continue treatment in a residential program, or in various outpatient programs.

Residential Treatment

Each person who comes to Meridian is unique. If you decide to stay with us for treatment, your treatment plan will be developed specifically for you, based on your goals, needs and conditions.

Licensed therapists will work with you to discuss your background, history, family, home and work, and your personal goals. Then, we will determine the types of therapies and activities that will best help you reach your goals and develop a balanced lifestyle.

Our residential treatment program is rooted in evidence-based therapy that helps you get to the root of your behavior and empowers you to make positive behavior changes. “Evidence-based” means that the therapy process and techniques have been tested and validated through scientific research.

The program is recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). It is a stamp of approval that shows our program is certified by the highest levels in the field of substance use recovery.

At Meridian, you’ll share a nicely furnished room. You will have space for your personal belongings. Meals are provided. In the residential unit, there is also a full kitchen, community dining area, laundry facilities, and a lounge area with comfy couches and flatscreen TV.

typical day includes time for personal reflection, individual counseling sessions, group sessions, lectures, and optional activities such as exercise, art, 12-step meetings, recreation and vocational workshops. We also have family therapy and visiting hours once a week. You will have time and space for relaxation so you can focus on recovery.

Outpatient Programs

We offer a variety of outpatient programs at several locations throughout southeast Michigan. Depending on your needs, your therapist or health professional will recommend a program for you. You may move into more or less intensive programs as you progress through recovery.

General Outpatient Program

This includes weekly group and monthly individual sessions with a licensed therapist to learn about and discuss issues such as triggers, challenges, and accomplishments that help you change behavior. Therapy is science-based and focused on helping you recognize behavior patterns and change them, so that you can lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Family therapy sessions are included as part of the general therapy program.

Intensive Outpatient Program

This requires a larger time commitment — at least nine hours each week for nine to 12 weeks. You will have individual therapy sessions and group sessions, and develop plans for recovery and relapse prevention. If you have an additional mental health condition such as anxiety or depression, you will have access to additional group specializing in “co-occurring” issues.

Therapy is science-based and focused on helping you recognize behavior patterns and change them, so that you can lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Family therapy sessions are included as part of the program.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Program

Therapists and medical providers can help you with medication that will reduce urges and cravings, which aids in the recovery process. You must participate in a therapy program to receive medical assistance.

Early Intervention Program

Those who are at risk of developing a substance use disorder may be referred to this educational program. The program includes 10 weekly group therapy sessions and two individual therapy sessions. You will learn about the physiological and social effects of substance abuse and criminal behavior. You also will learn problem solving techniques and will learn about treatment and recovery.

Naloxone Training Program

This program helps you learn how to prevent and respond to overdose situations. You will learn to understand what an overdose is, how to recognize it, how to prevent an overdose, and how to respond to an opiate overdose. You also will receive a Naloxone kit, which will reverse an opiate overdose, and will receive training on how to use it. We educate, train and issue these kits to clients, their family members, professionals and agencies.


Family Therapy

Addiction affects the whole family. And it takes the whole family to conquer addiction.

We offer family sessions for clients staying in our residential treatment facility and their families. Through lectures and open discussion, these weekly sessions address the effects of substance use on the family and encourage communication about behaviors that lead to recovery.

Each week, families learn to understand addiction behavior, how they have been affected by their loved one’s behavior, and how they may have enabled the behavior. Families will learn to set boundaries and change behaviors within the family.

After the programming, families are encouraged to stay and visit with their loved one. Children are welcomed.

Participating Insurance Plans

Your cost for treatment varies with the program you choose, and the health insurance plan you have. We participate with several insurance programs. Please talk with your insurance company to see if they will cover the cost of your treatment.

We participate with several different insurers, including:

We also accept private pay — clients who pay for the full cost of treatment themselves, without an insurer.

If you are a Medicaid client, you will need to first go to the mental health access center in your county. The access center will refer you to Meridian Health Services.

For more information on the access center in your county, please click on the following links:

Talk with us at 248-599-8999 to find the right program for you.


Outpatient Programs

91 N. Saginaw St, G100
Pontiac, MI 48343

24801 W. Five Mile Rd., Suite 1
Redford, MI 48239

1289–D S. Linden Rd.
Flint, MI 48532

Sterling Heights
33200 Dequindre Rd., Suite 100
Sterling Heights, MI 48310



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