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DUI, Driving under the influence, impaired driving, impaired operation…

If you are facing an allegation for impaired operation of a motor vehicle, over 0.08BAC, refusing to provide a breath sample, or any other criminal allegation, it is important that you speak with a lawyer right away.

Call Linh Pham, Regina criminal defence lawyer, 24 hours at 306-502-5987.

A Criminal Code conviction could cost you a fine, your license, or even jail time if you have more than 1 conviction.

For your first impaired driving conviction, you are looking at a mandatory $1,000.00 fine and 12 month driving prohibition.  During the 12 months, you have to complete an impaired driver’s course and enroll in SGI’s interlock program.

For your 2nd DUI conviction, you are looking at an automatic 24 month license suspension, and a mandatory period of 30 day jail sentences incarceration.  Yes you can go to jail for 30 days for a DUI.  Go read s. 259 of the Criminal Code.

For a 3rd impaired driving charge – you are looking at a whopping automatic 120 days in jail.  On top of this you can forget about driving for the next 3 years.

If you are charged with a DUI or over 0.08 BAC under the Criminal Code of Canada, it is very important that you consider consulting a lawyer.

Your rights may affected and it is necessary for you to have an experienced and competent Criminal Defence Lawyer to provide you with legal advice and protect your legal rights.

An experienced criminal defence lawyer can raise closely review disclosure, looking at the Crown’s case with a fine-tooth comb and questioning Police procedures to try and secure a stay of proceedings or finding of “Not Guilty”.   Remember, all we have to do is raise a reasonable doubt.  We know your license is important to you so we closely review the evidence against you before we offer you our expert legal opinion.

With our criminal defence experience we closely:
-request notes on any 911 calls;
-review the officer’s notes on your case;
-request disclosure of the officer’s disciplinary records;
-request calibration certifications for any Intoxilyzer or similar device;
-request proof officer was trained to operate breath sample device;
-review case for evidence of charter breaches;
-review case for issues to raise a reasonable doubt; and
-other issues to be considered depending on the circumstances of your case.

Our office has combined legal experience exceeding 20 years and we have successfully defended criminal allegations of impaired driving; assault; sexual assault; drug possession; drug trafficking; dangerous driving; fraud; theft; and other serious charges.

Linh Pham regularly make appearances at the following cities and towns:
Assiniboia, Broadview, Canora, Carlyle, Esterhazy, Estevan,  Indian Head, La Ronge, Lloydminster, Fort Qu’Appelle, Melfort,  Moose Jaw, Moosomin, Nipawin, North Battleford, Prince Albert, Punnichy, Weyburn, Saskatoon, Swift Current, Wynyard, Yorkton and other locations.

The information provided on this page is for education purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon as legal advice.

If you need legal advice, contact a lawyer like Linh Pham. Call: 306-502-5987.

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