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Impaired Driving

Thomas J. Singleton is an experienced criminal defence lawyer who has successfully defended individuals charged with impaired driving throughout Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada. He has successfully defended doctors, accountants, airline pilots, firefighters and members of the military against impaired driving charges which could have ended their careers had they been convicted. It is important to remember that past results are not necessarily indicitative of future success and that every case turns on its particular facts.

The consequences of a conviction for impaired driving and related offences are extremely serious and long lasting:

  • You get a criminal record which will stay with you for the rest of your life unless you can apply for and receive a pardon;
  • You will receive a stiff fine and possibly go to jail if you have a prior conviction for impaired driving or a related offence;
  • You will lose your driving license for at least one year and possibly longer;
  • Your automobile insurance rates will skyrocket and could cost you $10,000.00 or more per year for at least three years once your insurance company becomes aware of your conviction;
  • You may be refused entry into the United States and other countries because of your criminal record;
  • You may lose your job if your employment requires the operation of any motorized vehicle, which includes aircraft and boats.

Given the seriousness of the consequences of a conviction for impaired driving and related offences, you should never plead “Guilty” to these charges without first discussing your case with a lawyer who has experience in defending against these serious criminal charges. Please call Thomas J. Singleton at (902) 492-7000 or (902) 483-3080 (after hours) to arrange a consultation.

In Canadian law impaired driving and related criminal offences means to the following charges which can be laid by the police pursuant to the Criminal Code.

The specific offence of impaired driving (commonly referred to as Driving under the Influence (DUI), drunk driving, or Driving while Impaired (DWI)) is a charge pursuant to section 253(1)(a) of the Criminal Code. The police routinely lay this charge in conjunction with failing the breathalyzer (section 253(1)(b) of the Criminal Code) because it can be proven by the police officer’s testimony as to an individual’s driving and his state of sobriety. The reason the police lay this charge is that they will have a second chance to get a conviction if for any reason the evidence for the breathalyzer charge cannot be admitted in court. The punishment for a first conviction for impaired driving in Nova Scotia is usually a stiff fine although in some jurisdictions judges have imposed jail time. There is also a license suspension of at least one year.

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