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Street Address 708 Lafayette Avenue,Camden, SC 29020,P.O. Drawer 100
City Camden
State/Province South Carolina
Zipcode 29021
Phone 803-572-4054
Fax 803-425-1497
Email dbrown@speedylawfirm.com
Website http://www.staclaw.com/
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Fifty years is a long time, but that’s how long we have been meeting the legal needs of families and individuals in and around Kershaw County, South Carolina. We weren’t always Speedy, Tanner, Atkinson & Cook, LLC. We were originally Murkison & West, founded by John C. West, who went on to become governor of South Carolina. Another former partner, Ken Holland, was elected to the United States Congress. We’ve had our share of celebrated attorneys, but they would all tell you our practice is rooted in the everyday legal problems people in our area have. We work to address some of the most common but most anxiety-producing situations: 1. Obtaining Compensation When You Have Been Wronged You have heard the word tort. A tort is any kind of wrong that has been done to you. In personal injury law, everyone has a chance to stand up and demand compensation — for car accident injuries, for injuries suffered away from home, for defective products that harm you instead of products that help you. You are entitled to redress, and Speedy, Tanner, Atkinson & Cook can help you get it — at no upfront cost to you. 2. Getting Arrested Almost anyone can get arrested for DUI or drug possession today. If you carry prescription medicines without the prescription label, you can be arrested. If you got a DUI years ago and get another one today, you may be charged as a multiple offender, with harsh penalties, or if you have had just one glass of wine with dinner and are pulled over on the way home you can be charged with DUI. That’s why it’s so important to work with a criminal defense firm that knows the law, knows the courts, and knows how to minimize the damage of your arrest. 3. Going Through A Difficult Divorce Many people, at the onset of the divorce process, are already discouraged and distressed. They feel like they have failed, and now they fear losing custody of their kids. This is the time when you need an experienced, capable family lawyer to take charge and energetically represent your interests. Speedy, Tanner, Atkinson & Cook, LLC, has earned successful outcomes for many hundreds of families. We can help your family, too. We’re A Camden Law Firm · We’re A Lancaster Law Firm Get the picture? We are a people’s law firm, serving ordinary, hard-working people in our community and surrounding areas who have major legal problems. With our partner Trey Cook in Lancaster, we now provide all our legal services at both locations.

Camden, South Carolina DUI Defense Why It Is Important Not to Automatically Plead Guilty to a DUI The fact is that data master machines (Breathalyzers) are often flawed. Law enforcement officers can make mistakes, and it can often be seen on their own videotapes. You may have a medical condition that leaves you with poor balance, causing you to fail a field sobriety test. (Two of our attorneys are “certified field sobriety test practitioners” through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which is the same class that law enforcement goes through.) If those are not enough reasons to think before pleading guilty to a DUI/DWI, consider this: at a minimum a guilty plea means your license will be suspended, that you will receive a stiff fine and possible jail time, and that you will have a black mark on your record. Exercise Your Right To Legal Representation — Call Us at 803-572-4054 The Camden, South Carolina, law firm of Speedy, Tanner, Atkinson & Cook has helped thousands of clients in and around Kershaw County who are facing the loss of a drivers license and criminal charges because of a DUI/DWI. Given the increased penalties and tide of public opinion against drunk driving, it just makes sense to get legal help from attorneys experienced in defense of DUI/DWI charges. From the start, we will evaluate your situation and start looking for the cracks in the prosecution’s case or law enforcement errors, including faulty data master readings or poor police procedure. By mounting a strong defense, we may be able to protect you from: Suspension or revocation of your drivers license: Administrative suspension or revocation can run from six months for a first offense to two years for a third offense. Fines: These can run from $400 plus court fees for a first offense to $10,000 the third strike. Reinstatement fees: Separate from the fines, you have to pay to have your license reinstated Mandatory rehabilitation: You are required to complete ADSAP (Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program) before drivers license restoration Jail time: Even for a first offense, you could receive jail time of up to 30 days. Third time offenders with a BAC (blood alcohol level) of .16 could be looking at seven years in prison Ignition Interlock Device: placed on your vehicle’s dashboard, you will be required to blow into the device before you can start you car

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