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Street Address 200 West Front Street
City Media
State/Province Pennsylvania
Zipcode 19063
Phone 610-566-1006
Fax 610-566-1002
Hours of Practice Live Specialists are standing by 24/7 for your call.
Cities of Practice The Benari Law Group of southeastern Pennsylvania offers quality counsel and criminal defense with five offices in Media, West Chester, Philadelphia, Doylestown and Norristown, serving the people of Delaware County and Chester County, and neighboring counties.
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The Benari Law Group has criminal defense team offices in Media, West Chester, Philadelphia, Doylestown and Norristown, Pennsylvania.

We defend people who stand accused of state and federal crimes, from summary offenses and misdemeanors to felonies and capital crimes. Our legal team is equipped and ready to handle every criminal charge on the spectrum, including consequential matters like appeals, pardons and expungements.

Meet Our Attorney Team

Arik Benari

Founded by Arik Benari in 2001, The Benari Law Group is a diverse team of criminal defense attorneys who share more than 50 years of experience, drawing from a range of professional backgrounds and prior legal work.Benari Law Group - Arik Benari

Mr. Benari has a reputation for hiring the smartest and most talented attorneys in the industry to make sure that you get the best possible defense. With the perfect mix of former prosecutors and seasoned defense lawyers, we cover all the bases so that you know you have a top-rated team standing with you and fighting to win your case.

Alyssa Kusturiss Poole

In May of 2014 Mrs. Poole joined The Benari Law Group as a litigation chair working out of the Media office.  With more than ten years of experience in the courtroom, Mrs. Poole provides her clients with experience and dedicated representation that are hard to find these days. The firm is very proud to have her on the team.Benari Law Group - Alyssa Kusturiss Poole

Mrs. Poole is a member of the Delaware County Bar Association, as well as the Pennsylvania Bar Association.  In addition in January of 2012, Mrs. Poole was appointed to the Board of the Delaware County Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (DCACDL). As a board member she is responsible for putting together Continuing Legal Education classes, seminars and other events for the Delaware County Criminal Defense Bar.

Our Defense Makes A Difference

The best defense comes from an in-depth understanding of your story and your needs. That’s why we invest in getting to know you and the charges that you have been accused of. We pull details from the facts that you didn’t even know were there, and then we find a way to build a defense that matches your needs and expectations.

We won’t overwhelm you with legal jargon and complexities — we will tell it to you straight. Our lawyers will explain how the criminal justice system works, but also how the system works differently when you retain experienced legal representation from our firm. We want you to understand the benefits that we have to offer, and we want you to understand all of your options so that you get the best outcome possible.

To learn more about our team, reference the attorney profiles below or call for a free consultation.

Practice Areas

In Pennsylvania, fines for drunk driving can cost thousands of dollars, your license may be suspended and you may face jail time. The penalties for DUI/DWI are strict, but can still be negotiated. With offices in Media, West Chester, Philadelphia, Doylestown and Norristown, The Benari Law Group has extensive experience representing people who have been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, illegal narcotics or prescription drugs.

We know the DUI court system, and we use tried and tested methods to have charges dismissed or have penalties substantially reduced to protect your record.

Unlawful Evidence Cannot Be Used Against You

State and federal rules determine whether or not evidence is reliable. Our criminal defense lawyers will review the facts of your case with scrutiny and examine the state’s evidence for error or unlawful obtainment. Often, we are successful in proving that the police improperly stopped your vehicle or searched you illegally. Our examination may also show that the chemical testing process was contaminated, or that the testing equipment used was faulty or improperly used. Whether your DUI case involves alcohol, illegal drugs or even prescription or over-the-counter medications, having a member of our experienced legal team on your side can make a huge difference. Joined with our knowledge of DUI law, our negotiation and litigation experience make for a powerful defense.

Underage Drinking And DUI

In addition to fines and other immediate penalties for underage drinking or DUI, the offense goes on your child’s permanent record. This makes it harder to secure a job or to be accepted to priority schools. Protect your child’s career and education prospects by hiring a lawyer who can defend his or her record and advocate for an alternative sentence.

A Note For First-Time Offenders

If this is your first DUI arrest, it may be in your best interest to consider Pennsylvania’s ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) program. Only first-time offenders are eligible, and the program allows you to skip lengthy court procedures and the stress of trial. Contact us for more information.


Criminal Defense: An Overview

In Pennsylvania, the immediate consequences of a criminal conviction can include fines, jail time, parole, probation, exaggerated restitution, community service and mandatory drug and alcohol treatment.Long-term consequences are also severe, and include loss or restriction of professional licenses, ineligibility for public funds like welfare benefits and student loans, loss of voting rights and deportation. The legal consequences aside, there is the social stigma that comes with having a criminal record, and the challenge of securing a job afterward.To avoid these nightmares, contact The Benari Law Group immediately so we can defend you. If you’re under investigation or have been charged with a crime, call and schedule a free consultation with one of our top-gun criminal defense lawyers.

We Are Dedicated To Protecting Your Rights

Our experienced attorney team includes former prosecutors, veterans of the criminal defense law front, dedicated legal advocates and skilled negotiators. No matter what criminal charges you are facing, our outstanding legal team is prepared to protect your interests and build your defense.

The Benari Law Group provides legal counsel and aggressive rights protection to defendants in all criminal law matters, including:

Our team brings decades of combined experience to your defense. We know that the criminal justice system is heavy-handed, and we work hard to win favorable outcomes for our clients. We have successfully represented over 2,000 defendants in criminal cases, and are prepared to do the same for you.

Taking A Solutions-Oriented Approach

The outcome of your case has yet to be determined. When you choose The Benari Law Group, your defense team will outline all options available to you, and will inform you of both the immediate and long-term consequences associated with each. Once we have ascertained the circumstances of your case, and once you have named your priorities, we can develop a defense strategy that is in line with your needs.

Contact The Benari Law Group

Contact us online or call 610-566-1006 to speak with one of our experienced defense attorneys.

Live client specialists are standing by 24/7 to accept your call, but we often experience heavy call volume, so if you get a busy signal or a machine, please hang up and call again.

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    I hired Arik after i got misrepresented by another lawyer..i asked Arik if he felt my case was winnable he was upfront and let me know it was and he was right on point..he surpassed that and then some ..i got a DUI and Arik got me a NOT GUILTY verdict he is super knowledgeable!!

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