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Douglas Mitchell
Street Address 20 West Stephens Street
City Winder
State/Province Georgia
Zipcode 30680
Phone 706-223-1335
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Hours of Practice M-F-8:30 am - 5:30 pm
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A Trusted Winder, GA Lawyer to Consult and Answer Your Legal Concerns.

Georgia Lawyer H. Douglas Mitchell practicing in Winder, Georgia.

If you have found our website you are probably going through an anxious or difficult time facing legal challenges. We understand how this can bring stress and anxiety to you and your family. The law firm of H. Douglas Mitchell, Attorney at Law is here to help you in all aspects of Family Law, Personal Injury Law, Small Business Law, Wills and Estates Law, and Criminal Law. Our goal is to carefully listen to your concerns, identify the legal issues involved in your case, explain the law to you, and provide you with effective legal counsel.


Overview of Legal Services We Offer:

Lawyer Douglas Mitchell believes in effectively communicating with clients in a calm, straightforward, and personal approach He understands that not everyone is a lawyer and understands complex legal jargon. Our firm will clearly explain your rights and the legal options available to you and help you achieve your legal goals as efficiently and effectively as possible. It is important to us that you make informed decisions regarding your case so we are available for any questions or concerns that may arise throughout the entire process.

Life Can Be Complicated, Your Legal Issues Don’t Have to Be

There are five main practice areas that Attorney Douglas Mitchell has focused on since opening his practice.

Personal Injury
If you have been seriously injured in an accident, we want to help ensure that your rights are protected. Attorney Douglas Mitchell helps individuals who have been injured by the negligence of others through no fault of their own recover just compensation for injuries, lost wages and pain and suffering caused from a variety of car accidents, rear-end collisions, uninsured motorists as well as pedestrian, motorcycle and bicycle accidents.

Injuries and Wrongful Death
Having a loved one severely injured or die can be extremely difficult under the best of circumstances, but when it is due to the negligence of another it demands justice and a voice of reason. Insurance companies do not make it any easier denying culpability and low-balling claims. Put trust in Lawyer Douglas Mitchell to work for you and your family and ensure you receive the justice your family deserves.

Family Law
Divorce and domestic relations issues can become emotional and create much uncertainty. When children are involved the potential for disagreement and conflict becomes even greater. With his calm demeanor and sincere interest in helping families in transition adjust to a new reality, Lawyers Douglas Mitchell and Matthew S. Crunk have helped several families through a wide variety of difficult legal issues with compassion and respect.

adoption image

Attorney Matthew S. Crunk is a specialist in the Adoption process and can provide invaluable guidance and experience to ensure you receive sound legal advice from beginning to the happy ending of your Adoption case.


Filing for Bankruptcy can give you a fresh start.  It will all come done to your things you own or have called assets and the debts you owe and what kind of debts you owe.  We will help you navigate the path to a successful financial restart while protecting what you can or would want to keep.  We have helped many successfully reboot their financial situation and we look forward to assisting you.

Wills/Estate Matters
It is important to leave as many matters settled in your life as possible as we never really know most of the time when our life may end.  Having a will prepared provides the legal instruction to ensure your affairs are taken care of according to your desires within the law.  There are also other legal instruments that can be used to avoid probate and make your assets transition much smoother. Attorney H. Douglas Mitchell can help you identify what to write in your will and create an estate plan as necessary to ensure what you leave behind in this life is taken care of as you would want it to be.

Business Development
Creating and maintaining a business is hard work and even more frustrating at times when legal matters are holding the business in place.  Legal consulting services, regulatory compliance, contract creation and negotiation, and proper business formation such as: LLCs, Corporations, and Non-profits are some ways Attorney H. Douglas Mitchell can help take your business to the next level and clear the business law legal shadows out of your way.

Criminal Defense
Criminal Defense law has many unique legal challenges making it difficult for someone outside the law to know how to effectively defend themselves against a criminal charge of any kind. As an experienced criminal defense attorney H. Douglas Mitchell can identify any weaknesses in your case and create a strategy to get the charges reduced or even dropped.

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Fees and Information Gladly Provided by Phone

At the law office of H. Douglas Mitchell, Attorney at Law, we believe in being accessible to you throughout the entire process and providing prompt and courteous service every time. Whether your legal challenges involve personal injury, family law, wills/estate matters, business law, or criminal defense law we listen to you, your needs and take a sincere interest in your concerns or case. We are dedicated to the needs of our clients and guiding them through their legal challenges.

Credit cards are accepted, and evening and weekend appointments can be arranged. Contact us for a free initial phone consultation and learn how we can help you make wise legal choices.


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