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Traffic Ticket Attorney in Florida

The consequences of a traffic ticket in Florida can follow you for a very long time to come. Don’t sit back and accept your fate when you are cited by the police. The Tix Team is here and ready to help you protect your driving record and your finances. Call us at (321) 234-0979 as soon as possible after your ticket to get a knowledgeable advocate on your side. Our experienced attorneys have dedicated their careers to standing up for the rights of motorists. We can help you fight your ticket, and our attorneys can answer important questions including:

  • What are the consequences of a traffic ticket in Florida?
  • How can a Florida traffic ticket lawyer help you avoid a conviction or minimize penalties that follow a citation.

What are the Consequences of a Traffic Ticket in Florida?

A traffic ticket in Florida has serious implications for your future. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles explains when points on a driver’s license can lead to a suspended license:

  • 12 points in a one-year period will result in a 30-day license suspension.
  • 18 points in an 18-month period will result in a three month license suspension.
  • 24 points in a 36-month period will result in a one year suspension of your driver’s license.

The number of points you get for each violation varies depending upon the reason why you were ticketed. Leaving a crash scene if property damage occurs, for example, can result in six points while driving with a child not in a proper child seat is a three-point violation. Speeding may be a three or a four point violation, depending upon how fast you were going over-the-limit.

Your insurer is also informed about tickets and points on your license, so your premiums rise. These points on your license can even lead to disqualification for certain jobs where a clean driving record is required.  All of this, plus the fine you have to pay, means it is usually worth it to fight a ticket or explore ways to minimize the consequences.

The Tix Team is here to provide you with legal representation when you need a Florida traffic ticket lawyer. You do not have to simply accept that a ticket is valid- there are ways to fight and a lawyer can help you explore them.


How a FL Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Help

A traffic ticket lawyer in FL should be consulted as soon as you get a citation. If you do not show up in court or pay your ticket, you could find yourself with a bench warrant that could lead to a possible arrest. If you simply pay the citation, the points and other consequences are triggered. Your lawyer will help you explore a better response to the citation designed to reduce the chances of being found guilty of the traffic violation.

The Tix Team is dedicated to fighting traffic tickets for drivers in Orlando and surrounding areas throughout Florida. Give our experienced traffic ticket lawyers a call today at  321-234-0866 or contact us online to learn about the legal assistance we can provide and the techniques we use for helping you fight tickets. Being pulled over and given a citation does not mean you are guilty of a traffic crime and we’ll work hard to help you avoid fines and keep your driving record clean.

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