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Michigan DLAD Hearings

DLAD Hearings in Michigan

If your license has been suspended or revoked, you will have to wait to apply for a hearing or reinstatement, usually a year, but up to five years if you had three or more alcohol related driving offenses within 10 years In order to reinstate your license, you must apply to the Driver’s License Appeals Department (DLAD). At your DLAD hearing, the court will determine if you are a safe driver. They may do this by using testimony and character witnesses. Evidence of alcohol treatment and abstinence will be vital in some cases. Matt Norwood is one of the top Michigan DLAD attorneys.

Reinstating a driver’s license can be difficult. Reinstatements are frequently denied. However, attaining a lawyer can help you prepare for your hearing. An experienced lawyer like Matthew L. Norwood will know which pieces of evidence the courts are most likely to accept and which will be the most convincing for your case.

The state of Michigan requires the Secretary of State to immediately suspend or revoke an individual’s license on the first offense of certain serious automobile offenses, including driving while intoxicated depending on an individual’s driving record . In order to restore your driving privileges, you maybe required to apply for reinstatement through the Driver’s License Appeals Department (DLAD). You will have a hearing where you will have to demonstrate that you are a sober, safe and responsible driver. Proving that you are a sober safe driver can be difficult, and will likely involve character witness and testimony.

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Depending on your case, alcohol abstinence and treatment may be vital. Getting your license back is not guaranteed, and the state of Michigan has a high rate of denial in their DLAD hearings. A lawyer with experience in DLAD hearings can properly prepare you for the complicated court process, arrange for the best evidence to support your case, and best handle all issues and factors that come up in a court case. Matthew L. Norwood is an experienced DLAD attorney and will maximize your chances of getting through your DLAD hearing successfully. Hiring one of Michigan top DLAD attorneys is in your best interest for getting your Michigan drivers license reinstated.

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