Investing in the Right Clients

Not every lead that comes along seeking law representation is the right choice for your law firm. Knowing what questions to ask ahead of time will help you spend your time and resources with the right clients. Some clients will require much more attention and hand-holding than others. Some may also be incredibly difficult to please and might have unreasonable expectations. In some cases, the cost of time and resources may also outweigh the potential financial gain. Finding potential legal clients is your ultimate goal.

Questions to Ask Potential Legal Clientspotential Clients

Although no client is absolutely perfect, a brief talk with each lead can bring clarity as to whether or not their cases are worth your effort to pursue. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself and each potential client to learn more about the situation.

  • Am I experienced enough in this area to handle the case?
  • Do I have the time and resources needed by this client?
  • Does the client understand the fees involved? Is he or she capable of handling them?
  • Is the potential financial gain from this case worth the time and effort?
  • How would the resulting press exposure of this specific case, if applicable, reflect on my law firm?
  • Did anyone in my office have a bad experience with this person that might raise a red flag?

Some details of the situation may not be clear up front, but basic screening of each incoming client can help avoid headaches down the road. Investing your time in the right places can lead to better long-term results for both your clients and your law firm’s bottom line. Using your time and resources wisely will help with the growth of your law firm and make sure each of your clients is taken care of to the best of your abilities.

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